City commits $15K more to sea fest organizers

WHITE ROCK – Organizers of the White Rock Spirit of the Sea Festival have been given an additional $15,000 for the 65th iteration of the festival later this year and may be in line to receive up to $25,000 more. That’s on top of the expected $65,000 already committed to the long-running event, which has seen its fair share of troubles over the past few years.

The decision was made at the last council meeting, during which the city was responding to a request made earlier in the year for an additional $70,000 for the festival. The reason for the additional funding was to do something special for the 65th anniversary year, including purchasing a float and having fireworks.

While members of council were reluctant to commit an additional $70,000 to the event, the $15,000 commitment was made with an eye to perhaps match fundraising efforts from organizers up to $25,000, making the desired $50,000.

“We either want this to happen or we don’t. I don’t think the city should be the one throwing up the roadblocks,” said Coun. Alan Campbell.