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City of Surrey asking residents to water trees on their street

To get a free bucket, call 604-501-5050
Surrey is asking residents to water trees along their street. (Photo: City of Surrey)

Surrey residents are being urged to treat thirsty old trees on their street to drinks.

The City of Surrey has launched a campaign encouraging residents to help keep trees on their street watered this summer.

A press release issued Tuesday notes that with the mercury rising many of Surrey’s roughly 80,000 street trees need extra water to survive and as city workers focus on watering newly planted trees, residents are requested to water older trees along their street.

“The best way to water an older tree is at the tree’s drip line which is the area on the ground located under the outer edges of the tree’s branches,” the press release advises. “Trees also need to be watered slowly so they can absorb the water through their roots.”

This can be done by coiling a soaker hose around the drip line or using a large bucket with small holes drilled in the bottom.

“This method involves filling the bucket with water, placing it at the drip line, letting the water drain slowly and then repeating in several places around the tree’s drip line. Ideally, trees should be watered twice a week,” the press release advises.

Trees of course provide us with oxygen, habitat for urban wildlife, help prevent soil erosion, reduce stormwater flooding problems and provide shade in the heat.

Residents can get free tree-watering buckets with pre-drilled holes in the bottom from the City of Surrey. To get a bucket to water older street trees, call 604-501-5050.

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