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Condemned Surrey coyote vanishes

A Surrey coyote set to be shot has not been seen since two toddler-stalking incidents reported
A Surrey coyote condemned to death after toddlers were reportedly stalked has not been seen since by the conservation officers planning to shoot it. (Photo: Shane MacKichan)

A Surrey coyote marked for death by conservation officers for stalking children in a local playground and in front of an elementary school appears to have made itself scarce.

“We’ve had no reports of the coyote and no updates,” Inspector Murray Smith, of the BC Conservation Officers Service, told the Now-Leader late Tuesday. “We haven’t had any need to be responding to that situation. The coyote hasn’t returned, at least it hasn’t been sighted again. Hopefully the coyote will have moved on, but it just may be a situation where no one has seen it yet and that sighting will occur in the future.”

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The service decided last week to kill the animal with a rifle or shotgun following two reports in North Surrey of a coyote trying to grab small children, at a playground in Holly Park, and on a sidewalk in front of Mary Jane Shannon Elementary school, just four blocks away.

Smith advises residents to check out tips posted on co-existing with coyotes, at

If you see an aggressive coyote, call the BC. Conservation Officers Service’s 24/7 tip line at 1-877-952-7277.

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