Delta Police warn residents of computer repair scam

Phone calls ask for credit card numbers to complete service work

Delta Police warn residents of computer repair scam

Delta Police say they are receiving complaints from local citizens defrauded by online and on-phone computer technicians.

In a typical case, a person, often with a foreign accent, will call your home and state he/she is from the “Microsoft Support Team.” He/she will claim that through their service program your computer has been monitored, and has recently been observed to be acting suspiciously.

He/she will suggest it is likely infected and offer to make the necessary repairs. However, he/she will then state that they need access to your computer and your credit card number. Once completing the alleged repair work, the technician will charge you a fee for fixing a computer that was never damaged.

Delta Police want to remind the public that companies such as Microsoft do not contact consumers unless you have initiated a service call to them.

Police advise citizens not to accept the word of these individuals, and to immediately hang up your phone if you receive a call.

If your computer is operating poorly, contact a reputable computer company to repair the issues, but never give anyone over the phone the authorization to freely navigate through your personal computer.

Surrey North Delta Leader