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Fleetwood-Port Kells Liberal MP Ken Hardie says this term will be his last

Veteran MP ‘resolute’ he won’t seek re-election, to give ‘the young’uns’ a chance
Fleetwood-Port Kells MP Ken Hardie. (File photo)

Whoever will be running under the Liberal banner in Fleetwood-Port Kells in the next federal election, veteran MP Ken Hardie says it won’t be him.

“I’m quite resolute on this one,” he said Friday.

Hardie, 76, has been serving that riding since 2015, when he defeated Conservative incumbent Nina Grewal. The next election is a ways off, to take place on or before Oct. 20, 2025.

“If this government goes the full distance it’ll be 10 years and one day since I was first elected and I’ll be 78, so that’s, you know, it’s time to hang it up and give the young’uns a chance.

“An old friend of mine is starting a community FM station up in the Interior and so we may just end up there. Go back to my roots, eh, that’s where my first real career was was on the radio. It’ll be fun.”

“We’ll go right to the day after the election, when I turn it over to whomever.”

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