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Off-street parking may increase in Cloverdale

City of Surrey to vote on purchasing property for lot expansion
Map showing area where a Cloverdale off-street parking lot may be extended if city council approves the purchase of an old house on 56A Avenue. (Image: City of Surrey)

Off-street parking could increasing in Cloverdale.

Surrey City Council will vote on a corporate report recommending council buy an old house on 56A Avenue to expand an existing parking lot. The house is adjacent to the lot behind the Dann’s Electronics building and is behind Fire Hall 8.

If approved, the lot extension will have an additional 24 parking spots.

The Engineering Department has recommended city council approve the purchase of the house, located at 17555 – 56A Avenue, “for Cloverdale off-street parking purposes, consistent with the Cloverdale Town Centre Plan,” the corporate report says.

The report was filed by Scott Neuman, GM of the Engineering Department.

Paul Orazietti, the executive director of the Cloverdale BIA, told the Cloverdale Reporter in April there is a great need for more off-street parking in the downtown core because of the increased amount of workers and shoppers coming to the area.

The proposed lot is more than 8,000 square feet. After the house on it is demolished and the lot paved, it would increase the available off-street parking in the Cloverdale town centre from 192 spots to 216 spots.

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The report notes the house was built in 1937.

“The Property is listed on the heritage inventory which is a list of properties that may have heritage value but requires further evaluation,” the report says.

The Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission (SHAC) looked at the house’s heritage status April 13, 2022, and found there was a “lack of historical information available related to the property.” SHAC subsequently recommended that the house be “documented and demolished,” and that no further heritage protection needs to be taken.

The report detailed the process for demolition. After the City of Surrey receives a demolition permit application, they will contact house moving companies in the area to see if there is any interest in moving the house to another lot. If there is no interest, the house will be torn down after 30 days.

The report says construction of the parking lot will be paid for with money donated by the Cloverdale BIA.

“In support of the property acquisition, the Cloverdale BIA has offered to gift to the City the sum of $100,000 towards the development of the property for parking purposes,” the report notes. “These monies will be used for the residential dwelling demolition and site clearing with any residual funds being set aside for the future development of the parking area.”

The property will be bought with money from the “Cloverdale Off-Street Parking Fund,” which was already approved as part of the 2022 parking utility capital budget.

The owner of the property has already accepted an offer from the city and, if approved by council, the property will be bought June 30, 2022.

“The property will assist in providing increased off-street parking in Cloverdale, as envisioned in the Cloverdale Town Centre Land Use Plan,” the report concludes.

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