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PODCAST.: Canadian singer Jess Moskaluke reaches 100 million streams

TODAY IN B.C.: Singer had stops in B.C. on first national tour as headliner

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On this edition of ‘Today in B.C.’ host Peter McCully talks with singer Jess Moskaluke.

The Saskatchewan performer had stops in British Columbia on her recent national concert tour talked about the influence of Shania Twain, Terri Clark, LeAnn Rimes and Martina McBride.

“I grew up in the nineties where all those fantastic powerhouse women were very popular and successful, that’s what I grew up knowing country music as,” said Moskaluke.

“So that was right around the time where Shania had her international album, her pop album and her country album, all which featured the same songs. So that kind of led me to believe that country is more about the content of the song than it should be about the production.”

The 32-year-old singer talks about the album ‘Demos’, released during the pandemic, which she described as a peek behind the curtain into her songwriting process.

‘What we had done was done a deep dive into my catalog of songs that I had already written, and we hadn’t yet fully recorded for whatever reason,” she said. “So what we decided to do was to take those songs, revamp them from afar since we already had the demos and then show people what a demo of a song looks like the day that you write it versus the day that you were recording it.’

The podcast features the acoustic version of the single ‘Knockoff’, in which the singer’s manager appears in a ‘Jess Moskaluke Lookalike Contest’.

“I didn’t win, but I’m still happy in the end,” said Moskaluke.

While on tour Moskaluke was given an award for having 100 million streams of her digital catalog, and was asked how she felt about that.

‘I feel like I haven’t really had time to even fully digest what the magnitude of that really means,” she said.

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