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PODCAST: Elizabeth May back as Green Party of Canada leader

TODAY IN B.C.: A chat with the author, politician, environmentalist, activist and lawyer

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On this edition of ‘Today in B.C.’ host Peter McCully talks with the Green Party of Canada leader, Elizabeth May.

Stephanie May, Elizabeth’s mother, was a prominent activist in New York during the 1950s and was successful in helping to getting a nuclear test ban treaty.

“It’s like being the daughter of a family of cobblers,” said Elizabeth May. “I’m going to know a lot about shoes. Being the daughter of Stephanie May, an activist. It was totally my direction. It was charted at about age two.”

McCully asked May about serving as leader of the Green Party for a second time after retiring as leader in 2019.

“I have to say this, Peter, I ran not because the party was in turmoil or I was the saviour person to show up,” she said. “I needed to have the credibility and the profile of Leader of the Green Party in Parliament to be able to have an effective voice at the national level on issues that are critical and time is running out and there are many of them.”

In 2019, May married John Kidder, one of the founders of the B.C. Green party, and says she and her husband wrote a book together last year.

“We end up debating ideas and we wrote a book together that came out last year,” said May. “It’s in the ‘Dummies’ series, Climate Change for Dummies, that was really hard work, and one of the reasons it was hard work was we kept coming up with new ideas, researching them, and then we had to convince the ‘Dummies’ people that we could dumb down these new ideas and put them in a ‘Dummies’ book.”

The wide-ranging interview includes May’s take on the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Rowe vs. Wade, and the COP 15 Biodiversity talks in Montreal.

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