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PODCAST: ‘The future is now’, says science journalist Bob McDonald

TODAY IN B.C.: Solving the climate crisis with today’s technologies explored in new book

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Bob McDonald has been working as a science journalist and an author for more than 30 years, most notably as the host of the CBC television program ‘Quirks and Quarks’.

“What we need is longterm thinking,” McDonald tells ‘Today in B.C.’ host Peter McCully, discussing how to solve the planet’s climate crisis. “Energy in the future is going to come from a lot of different sources. It’s going come from the sun, the wind, the tides the earth, waves, whatever. That’s the future. It’s going to be multiple and fossil fuels will be part of that.”

The book is called The Future is Now: Solving the Climate Crisis With Today’s Technologies and discusses carbon fuels, biofuels, wind, tides, solar, nuclear and other alternative energy sources.

“Let’s get over the fears and just move ahead with it and evolve our technology,” said McDonald. “I really believe we can do that. We’ve been to the moon and back, for God’s sakes. We’re very clever, we’re really smart. So let’s evolve our technology and prevent another mass extinction event, which would be us.”

When asked if the opportunity arose for a seat on ‘Blue Origin’ and a trip to space, McDonald said: “I’ll be there in a heartbeat, it’s been my dream to get into space.”

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