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PODCAST:Following B.C.’s Burden family through their real-time renovation

TODAY IN BC:Millwork, walls and floors tackled in latest episode

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Planning on paper does not always translate into the real world. Tune in for design and building solutions as the project comes to life, including a major hiccup as the existing floor is removed and the basement is unexpectedly exposed.

Join host Jennifer-Lee of ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’ as she catches up with the Burdens, who are living in the basement through their heritage building renovation.

“We’re going to have to reno the basement next because we’ve trashed it by living down there,” said homeowner Justin Burden. “The kids have run toys into every corner. All the corners are chipped. The one bathroom is not functioning. Cabinet doors are falling off. All the pot lights are falling out of the ceiling, but the upside is, the kids are participating in end of day chores, helping to keep the basement suite organized so it remains livable.

Skyla Burden added, “Noise is a factor that was underestimated by us. There is no way Justin could have his home office down here in the basement during the day and I’m grateful I get to go to work.”

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