Police seek woman who may have been sexually assaulted on SkyTrain

Witness reported that woman travelling to Surrey was groped by man who has now been identified as known sex offender.

Police seek woman who may have been sexually assaulted on SkyTrain

Transit Police are seeking the victim of an alleged sex assault who travelled on SkyTrain from Vancouver to Surrey on April 20.

Police say they received a call from a woman that day between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. who said she’d just witnessed a man sexually assault another woman on the SkyTrain. She said she saw the man and woman board separately at the Broadway and Commercial station. The caller claimed the man sat beside the woman and said she witnessed him touch and grope her.

The alleged victim reportedly told the man to stop several times, while the suspect made loud quacking noises at her and the other passengers.

The man then got off the train at the New Westminster station where he boarded an eastbound train on the Millennium Line.

The woman remained in the the train and continued into Surrey.

The suspect is described as a 49-year-old white male, 5’10”, bald, with a goatee, wearing a long sleeved shirt with a large cross on the back and the world “CHOPPER” written across the top of the cross, black shorts and black sandals. He also had a black brace on his left knee and walked with a limp.

Transit Police have now identified the suspect and say he is a known sex offender, but need to speak to the alleged victim.

She is described as possibly aboriginal or Asian, 20 to 25 years old, shoulder-length black hair in a bun, pulling a shopping-style cart.

Anyone with further information about the incident or the woman involved is asked to call 604-515-8300 or text 87-77-77, referring to incident #2014-5657.





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