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Police warn of ‘virtual kidnapping’ scam

The targets are generally female Chinese nationals.

Police warn people to beware of a “virtual kidnapping” scam.

Staff Sergeant Annie Linteau, of the Lower Mainland District RCMP, is warning the public about about an extortion scam that tricks victims into believing their loved ones have been kidnapped.

“Numerous victims reported being contacted by suspects claiming to be Chinese government officials,” she said. “The victims were told they were implicated in crimes in China. The suspects then coerced the victims into a series of actions, warning if they didn’t cooperate, their families in China would be harmed.”

She said families in China were simultaneously contacted by the suspects who told them their loved one was being held against his or her will, and demanded money.”

Linteau noted the targets are generally female Chinese nationals.

“The RCMP would like to remind the Chinese community that these automated calls are fraudulent,” Linteau said. “Anyone who received similar calls should not comply with any demands and hang up immediately.”

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