Semiahmoo Secondary wins third prestigious scholarship

SOUTH SURREY – There must be something in the water at Semiahmoo Secondary, because for the third year in a row a Semiahmoo student has won a prestigious scholarship to the University of Cambridge.

Each year, students across Canada apply to the Blyth Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarships for a chance at one of three scholarships awarded annually. With the scholarships offering a chance at studying at one of the world’s most famed universities, it’s no surprise that hundreds of students from across the country apply.

That’s why it’s rare for any one school to have had multiple winners.

According to a spokesman for Blyth Scholars, which offers the scholarships, the hat trick of wins for a single school is unprecedented.

“This is the first time a school has had three winnings, let alone consecutive wins, said Brandon Kerstens of Blyth Scholars.

This year’s winner is 17-year-old Anmol Jawandha, who was accepted into Cambridge’s Pembroke

College for Engineering. He joins past winners Tristan Downing from 2012, and Fred Zhu from 2013.

“I couldn’t believe it at first. I still can’t really believe it, it’s pretty amazing,” said Jawandha a day after learning of his win. “Cambridge is probably one of the best universities in the world, especially for engineering.”

Principal Bea Hadikin said she was excited to hear that a third student from her school had snagged a trip to Cambridge.

“We’re exceedingly proud, and to have it happen three times in a row.”

For Jawandha, he says his win is a sign of the work being done at Semiahmoo Secondary.

“It just kind of reflects the level and quality of teaching, it’s really good,” he said.