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Surrey council awards $10M contract to improve 80 Avenue in Newton

Contract involves widening 80 Avenue from Scott Road to 128 Street
Artist’s conception of what 80 Avenue will look like after it is widened to four lanes from two between Scott Road and King George Boulevard. (Image

Surrey council voted Monday to award a contract of more than $10 million to B&B Heavy Civil Construction Ltd. for widening 80 Avenue in Newton from Scott Road to 128 Street.

The contract is $10,174,600 with an authorized spending limit of $11,192,000.

Scott Neuman, Surrey’s general manager of engineering, stated in a corporate report that the aim is to relieve traffic congestion in Newton.

“This contract represents the second phase of a multi-phased program for congestion relief in Newton and providing multimodal infrastructure on 80 Avenue from 120 Street to King George Boulevard,” he writes, explaining the scope of the work. “After this phase, the final segment to be widened on 80 Avenue will be from 132 Street to King George Boulevard.”

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Coun. Doug Elford said 80 Avenue “is in dire need of a lot of love, and it’ll help move a lot of people around Newton a lot better.

“East-west inter-connectivity in the community is desperately needed,” he added.

Coun. Mandeep Nagra said traffic is a “huge” problem there. “I hope after now this is done we can move on to maybe doubling 128th, 132nd, all of those roads.”

Said Mayor Brenda Locke, “I’m really pleased about this. Certainly we heard lots of stories from people in the Newton area about how important making changes and fixing 80th so I appreciate that coming forward.”

The construction package before council Monday consists of widening 80 Avenue from Scott Road to 128 Street to four lanes from two, “including pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, to support growth and increased traffic volumes.”

Construction will be from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, starting in January 2023 and to be completed by Spring 2024.

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