The Surrey School District is looking into an alleged attack of a Fraser Heights Secondary student (school pictured above). (Photo: Facebook)

The Surrey School District is looking into an alleged attack of a Fraser Heights Secondary student (school pictured above). (Photo: Facebook)

Fraser Heights

Surrey RCMP say youth involved in disturbing video won’t return to Fraser Heights Secondary

School community ‘deeply concerned about the impact of this incident on our student’

Several students won’t be returning to Fraser Heights Secondary school for the rest of the school year after being identified in a disturbing video involving a boy being told to kiss the feet of another youth.

The video, which was shared on social media by the victim’s father, prompted a police probe.

Surrey RCMP say the Surrey School District has “initiated disciplinary proceedings, which are not expected to conclude before the end of the school year” but a release says “an alternative education program has been put in place for them.”

“Together, with their parents, participants have agreed to further deal with these matters by way of alternate measures under the Youth and Criminal Justice Act, through the Surrey School District Safe Schools programs and by the Surrey RCMP’s Restorative Justice and Youth Intervention programs,” according to Surrey RCMP.

The school district wouldn’t confirm the number of students involved.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Principal Rick Breen said the “entire school community has been affected and is deeply concerned about the impact of this incident on our student. The school has been working with the victim’s family to provide support for the teen going forward.”

The video made the rounds on social media this week after Paul Pedersen shared it, alleging his son was “attacked by at least 10 older kids for an altercation that had nothing to do with him other than association to one of the involved parties.”

It’s said to have happened on Monday (June 3). According to Surrey RCMP, it was not reported to the police or the school.

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In the post, Pedersen alleged his son was “brought to the back area of the school near the tennis courts by a trusted friend no less and threatened with weapons to get on his knees and kiss the feet of his attackers and then kicked in the face afterwards.”

Pedersen said the incident happened on a pathway at the back of the school, between tennis courts and the school during lunch hour and was connected to an altercation that involved a firearm last Friday.

“The school was not put on lock down and parents were not notified,” Pedersen wrote, later adding: “This is what is happening in our local high school and our children are not being protected from preventable violence.”

In an interview with the Now-Leader Tuesday afternoon, Pedersen said his son, while not injured, is upset and “dealing with the ramifications” of the incident. He said his son “wasn’t feeling very safe” at school on Tuesday and was excused from his afternoon classes.

Surrey RCMP are working to determine if this week’s incident is connected to a “confrontation” between two groups of teens in the area on Friday, May 30.

After that incident an imitation air soft handgun was located where the struggle occurred, police say. It’s believed one of the teenagers involved may have tossed the fake gun in the bushes, where it was found.

“There are some associations between the two occurrences,” said Surrey RCMP Sergeant Chad Greig.

A school district letter sent home to parents from Principal Breen on Tuesday said the school was made aware of the “bullying incident.”

“The boy was not seriously hurt; however, the school immediately notified the police as soon as we learned of the situation,” wrote Breen.

“The school and school district are investigating as well. A social media post about the incident also speculates about an altercation last Friday. One student suffered minor injuries in the altercation, but is okay,” Breen added.

“The school district is following-up and talking with some students involved. Again, the police were immediately called. The social media post refers to a firearm. I can share that an ‘airsoft’ pistol was found by staff on Friday in bushes. As a precaution, police were called to retrieve it. The school and police investigations continue into the two incidents.”

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