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Trudeau visits Don Christian Recreation Centre in Cloverdale

Prime Minister talks Canada Child Benefit at Surrey press event
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlights Canada Child Benefit plan at Don Christian Recreation Centre in Cloverdale. (Sam Anderson)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Don Christian Recreation Centre in Cloverdale on Friday morning (May 19) to highlight the federal government’s Canada Child Benefit plan.

In his introduction, Cloverdale-Langley City MP John Aldag said, “We’re the second fastest growing community in the country and in Surrey we have the three youngest ridings within all of British Columbia.”

Aldag said that the Cloverdale-Langley City riding is the second youngest in the province and that large number of young families and their growing needs are a sign of a “growing community.”

Trudeau visited with the children, parents and staff of the preschool that runs in the rec centre before playing a game of parachute for a press photo opportunity.

The purpose of Trudeau’s visit was to highlight the Canada Child Benefit, which he promoted in a short, prepared speech before taking questions on international concerns from press.

“It’s always a treat to get back to the diverse and growing city of Surrey,” said Trudeau. “As many of you know, British Columbia really is my home away from home.”

“It’s great to see how many kids are being helped by the Canada Child Benefit,” he said. “The old system of child benefits was complicated. We simplified things, combining benefits into a simple, lump sum. One that’s paid out every month, tax free for families in need.”

Trudeau went on to say that nine out of ten Canadian families receive more money every month to help with the “high cost of raising kids” since the introduction of the Canada Child Benefit.

When Trudeau left the centre, he was greeted with a crowd of students from Don Christian Elementary School next door. It was Rodeo Day at school, and the kids, teachers and parents were decked out in their rodeo garb – cowboy hats, plaid and pigtails. They cheered for Trudeau and sang a rendition of “O, Canada.”

Following his Cloverdale stop, Trudeau dropped by the Kubyertos Lechon House restaurant in Newton, where he was greeted by more than 100 supporters from the Filipino community. The Prime Minister spent almost an hour posing for photographs, shaking hands and thanking people for their support.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with students at Don Christian Elementary School on Rodeo Day, May 19, 2017. (Sam Anderson)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau poses for a picture with a supporter Friday morning at the Kubyertos Lechon House. Trudeau made two stops in Surrey Friday. Following a visit to the Don Christian Recreation Centre in Cloverdale, he met with supporters from the Filipino community at Kubyertos Lechon House in Newton.