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Landlords Contractual Lien - Auction


U-Haul Storage Center Surrey claims a Landlords Contractual Lien against the following persons goods in storage at 13554, 84th Ave, Surrey BC Tel: 604-591-2313. Auction is subject to cancellation at anytime without notice.

H22-02 Christina Mitchell 7360 137 Street #478, Surrey, British Columbia

C26-05 Derek Copland 10288 149a st, Surrey, British Columbia


E9-01 Samuel Sum Yan Lee 13325 102A AVE #2502,Surrey British Columbia

F202 Sophia Moodie 284 Nolanhurst Cres, Calgary, Alberta

C15-20 Bhawandeep Singh 9497 126A Street, Surrey, British Columbia

C15-19 Elizabeth Spencer 138 Street, Surrey, British Columbia

A4-05 Ryan Marjerison 210 Marine Drive SW, Vancouver British Columbia

A29-03 TY Martin 310 -125 E 5th st, Vancouver, British Columbia

H1-16 Christianne Gunn 2770 Auburn Rd, West Kelowna, British Columbia

A15-15 Devinne Hammill 11175 80Th Avenue, Delta, British Columbia

A sale will take place online at starting at 11AM on Saturday, April 13th, 2024 till 11AM on Monday, April 15th, 2024. Winners will be contacted by email at the end of the auction. Room contents are personal/household goods unless noted otherwise. Bids will be for the entire contents of each locker unit.