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Landlords Contractual Lien - Auction of Goods, U-haul Storage Center Surrey


U-Haul Storage Center Surrey claims a Landlords Contractual Lien against the following persons goods in storage at 18590 96th Ave, Surrey, BC Tel: 604-888-0133. Auction is subjected to cancellation at anytime without notice.

Q13-4 Dominic Martel 4670 197a St, Langley, British Columbia

E1-4 Lucy Doolan 20166 56 Avenue, Langley, British Columbia

F10-32 Joycelyn Kayle 5335 200A St 315, Langley, British Columbia

K5 Miriam Yaniv 8880 202 St, Langley British Columbia

Q16-7 Janice Smith PO box 2157 268 Airport Rd, Princeton British Columbia


C7 Lisa Cox 125454 100 Ave, Maple Ridge British Columbia

B18-6 Lieto Nasitwitwi 14582 85a Avenue, Surrey British Columbia

A sale will take place online at starting at 11AM on Friday March 29th 2024 till Sunday at 11AM on March 31st 2024. Winners will be contacted by email at the end of the auction. Room contents are personal/household goods unless noted otherwise. Bids will be for the entire contents of each locker unit.