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Public Notice - Public Hearing Application No. 7923-0115-00


Surrey Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2013, No. 18020, Amendment Bylaw, 2024, No. 21179

“Surrey Comprehensive Development Zone 188 (CD 188), Bylaw, 2024, No. 21180”

Application: 7923-0115-00

Location: 18742 and 18758 – 72 Avenue

Purpose of Bylaws: The applicant is requesting to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP) Figure 3: General Land Use Designations from Commercial to Multiple Residential, to amend OCP Figure 42: Major Employment Areas by removing the Commercial designation, and to amend OCP Table 7a: Land Use Designation Exceptions by permitting a density of up to 2.5 FAR Gross for the site shown shaded in grey on the location map. The proposal also includes rezoning the same site from One-Acre Residential Zone to Comprehensive Development in order to develop one 6-storey mixed-use building and one 6-storey residential apartment building, including 1,389 square metres of ground floor commercial and 213 residential units in West Clayton.


Meeting Date: MONDAY MARCH 11, 2024


13450 - 104 AVENUE



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