A boy, a monkey tree, and a kind Delta employee

Unnamed parks worker's efforts and kindness have made a wonderful contribution to a family and to Delta.

The purpose of this letter is to thank the Corporation in Delta and in particular recognize a very special employee within it.

Unfortunately I never got this employee’s name, but this is an overdue story I wanted to share.

My son’s grandparents, Keith and Ann Crocker, gave my son Niall a baby monkey tree when he was two years old (over eight years ago). My son really loved this tree, but it was getting too big in the pot and we did not have room to plant it in our yard.

I was at Sungod Recreation Centre one day last summer and saw a Delta grounds worker on site. I explained the situation and asked if Delta would consider planting it at Sungod. I also explained that when I was a child there had always been a monkey tree at the back of the Sungod parking lot and this tree was iconic for many of us growing up in Delta and we were sad that it had died a few years back.

This kind worker took my name and phone number and said he’d have his supervisor call me.

About a month later there was a knock at my door and there he was. He said he came by to look at the tree and to ensure it was healthy.

A few days later he returned with some help and they picked up the tree. My son was there for this event as they struggled to get this heavy pot and tree from our backyard, through the garage and out to the front.

Niall was thrilled to learn that Delta was going to try its best to plan it at Sungod.

We kept driving by Sungod and looking for our tree, but we did not see it for several months.

However, on Jan. 16, 2015 we received a wonderful telephone message from our Delta friend (the one who had picked up our tree). He said he planted it right in front of Sungod Arena.

My son and I raced down in our car after school that day and we got out to look at our monkey tree. Niall is thrilled. I am thrilled. Our family and friends love this story.

We are at Sungod at  least four times a week with hockey and swimming. We will get to see this tree grow big and tall just as we continue to watch Niall grow.

In addition, there will now be more fond memories of a monkey tree at Sungod for many years to come for a new generation. How wonderful of  the Delta parks department to do this.

I’m sorry it took me so long to write this overdue thank-you note. I truly appreciate the unnamed Delta employee, whose efforts and kindness have made a wonderful contribution to our family and to Delta.

Sue-Anne Crocker

North Delta


Surrey North Delta Leader

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