A letter writer says her relaxing time at Crescent Beach was ruined by a drone.

A letter writer says her relaxing time at Crescent Beach was ruined by a drone.

A close encounter of the annoying kind

Drones should be regulated and navigators responsible.

I tried to cool off at Crescent Beach a few days ago and here is what I encountered:

A drone kept on flying right over me again and again. It sped up to come towards me and got lower and lower. It turned around and came right back in a dive mode and it almost hit me a couple of times.

I was furious, as I had no clue why this “thing” was trying to attack me.

At one point I felt like standing up grabbing it and trashing it, but my gut feeling told me to stay seated as I knew it would have ended in a “drone” fight.

I was ready to call the cops when the lady sitting behind me on a wooden log finally spoke to me, as she was the only other person in close range. She told me not to worry as she was the focus and they were filming her.

Then why is the drone all over me, I asked? Her answer was they were doing a  “promotional” video for a cemetery (church) in Surrey.

Does this make sense to you?

She apologized profusely and as one of the camera men approached, so did he. Apparently from where they manoeuvred the drone, they could not see me and had no idea how close they came to hitting me.

No harm done this time, but please – anyone “handling” a drone, be aware of where you are sending this thing and make sure you can see what is below, behind or beside. It almost made a bird’s nest out of my head and the drone was close to be drowned.

Drones should only be flown in open areas where the public does not gather; they are not toys like remote control cars, etc.

Navigators of drones should be fully responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur.

I believe this drone phenomena should be governed, as it interferes with other people’s lives.

After the encounter, due to safety reasons, they finished filming with a hand-held camera and film crew.


Maggie Bernet


Surrey North Delta Leader