Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to

Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to


Candy Canes and Coal (Dec. 16, 2021)

Our Christmas-season collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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• Boxes of yummy candy canes to all who decorate over the winter season. All the sparkling lights and blow-up Grinches and Santas really help improve my holiday mood! It used to be only one or two folks where I live decorated but now seven to 10 units are all lit up! Thank you everyone!

• Coal to the Surrey RCMP (who I used to support) for the time and expense going towards charging the man who rescued/stole a rabbit. With all the shooting, stealing and drugs going on, this man gets the book thrown at him? How much did this one investigation cost? Don’t police have more serious things to do?

• Coal to Surrey’s mayor for being in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Pay attention voters – this is what you get when you do not do your research.

• Coal to the mayor of Surrey for expecting the people of Surrey to pay for his lawyer because of an incident that occurred when he was on his own personal time.

• Candy canes to the truck drivers who picked up my Christmas parcel at a Canada Post outlet in Surrey and delivered it safe and sound to my sister’s home in Brandon, Manitoba. The parcel was mailed parcel post by land and despite the winter weather, difficult mountain highway routes due to the floods here in B.C. and the challenging traffic along the route, these wonderful and brave drivers did their job and got my parcel to its destination in time for Christmas. Canadians owe a big thank you to all the truck drivers that are delivering our food, packages, mail, etc. across this country.

• Bunches of coal to Doug McCallum and his Safe Surrey Coalition councillors for blacking out the windows in the atrium during Surrey’s council meeting on Dec. 6. This demonstrates the lack of democracy in Surrey.

• Coal to McCallum’s four Safe Surrey Coalition cronies. How can you look at yourselves in the mirror these days? Are you really willing to go down with that ship? If so, good riddance to you all. Surrey deserves much, much better.

• Candy canes to my father in-law, who is very sick this Christmas, and my mother in-law who is working very hard to care for him. We love you both!

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