Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to

Send your submissions to Candy Canes and Coal to


Candy Canes and Coal (Dec. 24, 2020)

A Christmas edition of our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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  • Shopping carts full of candy canes to my parents. I am so grateful to have you both. Thank you for everything you do. If I don’t happen to get you a Christmas gift, then this is my last-minute gift! I wish you a Merry Christmas. Having parents like you is the best gift of all.
  • Candy canes to Kelley, a manager at Canadian Tire at 13665-102 Ave. We had a bit of a situation and Kelley stepped up – actually went out of her way to help us. At this busy time of Christmas and the complications of COVID-19, she went far and beyond to help us. Thank you Kelley, you made this “elderly couple” deliriously happy with the outcome. Have a very Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year.
  • Candy canes from all the residents in Surrey to all the wonderful Now-Leader carriers, especially the ones who have so many steps to go up to deliver our papers.
  • Candy canes to Richard Landale, selected by ESAC as a finalist for the City of Surrey Environmental Award. His selfless work in the compilation of spreadsheets, as Councillor Brenda Locke commented, is the yeoman’s task of making councillors’ work so much easier in the analysis of developments. Attendance at every council meeting mirrors Richard’s desire for “nothing but the best” for his fellow taxpayers.
  • Candy canes to the traffic engineers of either Delta, Surrey, or both, for the replacement of pedestrian crossing lights at 117B Street and 96th Avenue. The original 24/7 flashing amber lights only provided confusion to drivers. Now the pedestrian crossing is activated only when in use and drivers can proceed accordingly.
  • Coal to the elderly lady at the Newton grocery story who wanted chocolate eclairs at the bakery. She just opened the drawer and started picking out several with her hands even though there were lots of tongs. Her reasoning was that she had been through pandemics before and is still alive. Guess it’s all about her.
  • Candy canes to the Safe Surrey Coalition for sticking to their promises and following through. Keep up the great work!

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