Contrary to popular belief, taxes are actually getting lower

It’s a common belief, but it’s actually dead wrong.

Fed up taxpayers often state that taxes are always going up. It’s a common belief, but it’s actually dead wrong.

The fact is that taxes in Canada are low and getting lower. Today, a median income earner in Canada is looking at a combined federal-provincial marginal tax rate ranging around 20.5-26 per cent. That’s down from 45 per cent in 1971.

It’s still a significant bite, to be sure, but far less than most countries.

And what do we get for out money? Well, Canadians don’t like to brag, but ours is one of the most stable, safe and efficiently run societies in the world. Our educational, health and justice systems may not be perfect, but they stand up extremely well to international comparisons.

Despite the never-ending whining from conservative lobby groups, Canadians get a very good deal for our tax dollars.


Patrick Truelove

Surrey North Delta Leader