Letter writers say Surrey is being unfair in the yes-no debate. Jordan Bateman

Letter writers say Surrey is being unfair in the yes-no debate. Jordan Bateman

Double standard on Surrey bylaws

Can Hepner please tell Surrey residents exactly what 'a real election' is

Mayor Linda Hepner: While I voted for you in the last election, I want you to know I oppose your involvement and my tax dollars being used for the promotion of the “yes” vote in the current transportation plebiscite. I believe you already have a sense that the people are not with you on this issue.

I also wish to express my displeasure with the removal of signs put up by the “no” campaign. While you may be correct within the definition of the bylaw covering the posting of these signs, I believe you are wrong within the court of public opinion.

I saw no signs on 32 Avenue for a short time before they were taken down, yet a sign for a charity lottery home remains, even though it too would likely be in violation of the bylaw. It is a double standard that people will take note of.

Allan Alton, Surrey


Mayor confused by democracy

What’s the deal with Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner ripping down “no” TransLink tax signs that volunteers, not paid staff, have put up?

She claims it’s her right to rip the signs down as it’s not a “real” election so they don’t have to allow no TransLink tax signs on public property. Either she’s acting like a six-year-old or greatly confused.

Can she please tell Surrey residents exactly what “a real election” is and if this isn’t a real election, why not, and even more importantly, what is it then? Hepner has spent a lot of time campaigning for the “yes” side and a lot of our money putting up her yes signs and sending her paid troops out to the Surrey Central Plaza area to campaign for the yes side.

That certainly sounds like a “real election” to anyone observing her actions to gain votes. How can her definition of democracy be so vague she feels entitled to make up excuses that allow her to rip down her opponent’s signs?

And her comment about it not being a real election makes me wonder if this claim means it makes no difference if the no side wins as this referendum is merely an indulgence to have the public think they actually have a say when they don’t. And in the end they’ll do what they want and tax us regardless.

Sally Hawkins, Surrey


Surrey is becoming a signs jungle

Considering the City of Surrey has the resources to take down the TransLink tax “no” signs – because as per Mayor Linda Hepner “they were in direct contravention of city bylaws” – they should also take down the hundreds of illegal signs on utility poles and sidewalks offering all kind of services and trades, and enforce the bylaws.

That should be a regular permanent maintenance task. Surrey is becoming a signs jungle. The entire city looks like a flea market.

Marcelo Sanchez

Surrey North Delta Leader