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Efforts at recycling impeded

A letter writer expresses frustration over a system that makes recycling difficult for those living in rental units.

I live in a basement suite and go to work very early in the day.

Recently it was garbage day, so I put my used containers out near the curb for recycling and left for work. 

Unbeknownst to me, the recycling company will not pick up recycling containers unless they are in a blue box.

All my previous landlords used to place my containers in their blue box and the recycling company would pick it all up.

My new landlady, instead of helping the environment and accumulating all my containers with hers, kept her items in a blue box in a different part of the curb, and started fighting with my wife that my method is not appropriate. 

Consequently, my wife gathered all our containers and brought them home for me to dispose of once I returned from work.

I duly took them to a recycling depot, only to be told that they only accept “certain brands” of plastic containers.

I was not going to go all over Surrey to find out who accepts what brands of containers I had left over, so I ended dumping them in the garbage. 

These will now end up in the landfill – all because one landlady decided to be snooty.

Perhaps recycling depots should be more “universal” in their acceptance of such containers, to prevent undue inconvenience to citizens.

V. Simms