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Lack of respect from MLAs

When the Auditor-General grabs them by the scruff of their necks, they instantly become meekly apologetic.

Judging from the recent B.C. Auditor-General’s report on the fiscal mess in Victoria, all our high-paid MLAs have one thing in common: They have no respect for taxpayers’ money.

When the Auditor-General takes them by the scruff of their necks and holds them up to public scrutiny, they instantly become meekly apologetic.

But they have the gall to act as if their disregard for accurate accounting is all news to them, as if the Auditor-General has never drawn it to their attention before.

Careless inattention to detail might be expected from that tired old crew of the almost leaderless BC Liberal party because their ship is floundering. Most of them are focused on updating their resumés and searching for a plush lifeboat.

However, there is no excuse for Adrian ‘I-Am-Holier-Than-They-Are’ Dix. If Dix doesn’t have the ethical standards and organizational ability to insure his NDP MLAs document their travel expenses correctly, how can he be expected to manage a competent and principled government?


Lloyd Atkins, Vernon