Landlords should know responsibilities

The city needs to get serious about finding suites which supposedly don’t exist.

Letter-writer Alyson Cameron does a great job of reminding homeowners with suites to oblige by the Residential Tenancy Act, but what happens if some landlords are not aware of such acts due to the fact their suite(s) are not affiliated with the B.C. Residential Tenancy Board?

The $10-million action plan for city council to find suites would do good for the majority, as Alyson states, but why only increase the taxes of people with the tax-paying suites and not the non-registered suite homeowners?

The city needs to get serious about finding suites which supposedly don’t exist. It’s like going to a restaurant where everyone at the table is eating but having one guest intentionally not bring their wallet and having the guest who already paid their share end up paying double.

Sounds like the secondary suite double standard issue in Surrey.

The municipality of Delta fines non-registered homeowners with suites. It’s a free-for-all in Surrey where some don’t pay their fair share of garbage/recycling collection, school, park maintenances , road improvement, taxes, etc.

Respect is a two-way street. I know what it’s like to be a tenant and a landlord.

I’ve been called crazy for paying taxes on my secondary suite, providing off-street parking, reviewing the B.C. Tenancy Act signed agreement, and ensuring fire, earthquake and other safety measures are being understood by myself and tenants.

My tenants say it gives great peace of mind place and I take pride in paying my fair share of taxes in Surrey and knowing my rights and responsibilities for all those who live under my roof as a landlord.


S. Sidhu

Surrey North Delta Leader