Let’s keep the new SMH tower clean

Current cleaning practices just don't cut it at Surrey Memorial.

Yes, the new building at Surrey Memorial Hospital is lovely to have, but as letter writer Keith Sutton pointed out (The Leader, July 30), how long will it look that clean?

The current cleaning practices are disgraceful to say the least. When I was staying there I was lucky to even see someone that cleans or knows how to.

I remember when the cleaning crew used to come around every day with a wet mop and use disinfectant on the floor. A dry mop every day does not cut it. No wonder the infection rate has gone up at the hospitals.

I had to have a nurse call housekeeping up to my ward while I was there to clean the bathroom it was so dirty. We also got our bed sheets changed, but you’re lucky if that happens now.

The bed pans were also an issue while I was there; they did not clean and sanitize them after use.

But other than this I must say all the nurses and doctors were super. A big thank you to all the hard working nurses and doctors.

Patricia Hine, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader