LETTER: Big screens downtown don't cause Stanley Cup riots

LETTER: Big screens downtown don’t cause Stanley Cup riots

The Editor,

As a Vancouver Canucks fan, I would like to inquire as to why the city of Vancouver has decided to disallow the "big screen parties" of downtown Vancouver during the Stanley cup playoffs.

This seems like an extremely senseless idea as anyone who wants to riot, will. For example, in 1994, there was a Stanley Cup riot – and no big screen televisions or street parties were involved. If anyone wants to riot, they will go downtown and do it regardless of big screens.

Disallowing many citizens of the Lower Mainland to have a fun playoff run by prohibiting big screens will not stop a riot from breaking out.However it might encourage rioters to come, knowing that the city is unprepared and will not have the resources to stop it immediately.

Instead of limiting thousands of people from having an enjoyable and exciting time during the Stanley Cup playoffs, I believe that the City of Vancouver should invest in more police and security as well as requiring the liquor stores to close at an even earlier time on game days. And, assuming the Canucks make it to Game 7 of the Stanley cup finals, liquor stores should be required to close a full day prior to the final game.

Leah Antonides, Surrey