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LETTER: End B.C.’s ‘catch and release’ criminal system



An open letter to Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth, Premier David Eby, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Our public safety is totally jeopardized under your political control.

It’s called “catch and release.” These prolific criminals get arrested for their repeated crimes and held for 24 hours in jail and then released to commit the same horrific crimes.

Two stabbings in White Rock and one a fatality.

Our justice system needs an overhaul and changed so that they are kept behind bars and not released into the public, committing the same crimes, putting our lives in danger.

Your NDP government has failed all citizens in province, Minister Farnworth.

You are totally responsible for the criminal crimes happening in our province.

Failing grade for running this province.

Disgruntled Surrey taxpaying homeowner,

Linda Ypenburg