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LETTER: Off-leash dog park might help make Newton safer


The Editor,

Re: "Newton residents pack Surrey hall to find safety solutions," the Now online.

Thank you to the Newton Community Association in your efforts for putting together the meeting on Jan. 6. Unfortunately, I was unable to get in, but I do have an idea regarding the grove of trees area next to the arena/pool area that is presently a haven for drug deals and street people. I propose it be made into an off-leash dog park, for small dogs and perhaps larger dogs too, if the area is large enough.

Right now, the closest park for small dogs is in Clayton Heights. Small dogs are intimidated by the larger dogs in the dog parks, which there seems to be a lot of in Surrey. Since there are a lot of seniors in the condos and families in the townhouses with small dogs in this area, it would be nice to have a dog park in walking distance, especially for those unable to drive.

A dog park would increase foot traffic to the area, and we would be able to keep most of, if not all of the trees. Sort of a win-win situation, as I see it. I'm not sure who to direct this idea to, but hopefully someone from city hall will see it and it will go forward.

Pauline Grant, Surrey

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