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LETTER: Real reason for snow storm traffic gong show is ill-prepared drivers

Everyone knew storm was coming, yet few drivers seemed to heed advice about snow tires
Dozens of vehicles, including several transit busses and semi-trucks, were stranded on the northbound lanes of the Alex Fraser bridge for several hours Tuesday (Nov. 29) as crews worked to plow and salt the bridge deck. Eventually, Main Road crews were able to get several trucks onto the bridge and began freeing up some of the stuck vehicles. (Photo: Shane MacKichan)

The Editor,

Re: “Gridlock traffic, stuck vehicles wreak havoc across Lower Mainland,” the Now-Leader online.

So here we had our first real snowfall in the Lower Mainland Tuesday. I was on the road today looking at all of the uninformed people on the road.

Why does it take one hour to go 20 blocks? The answer is proper tires. Everyone knew the warnings of snow, yet few heeded the advice of placing snow-rated tires on their cars. To those who think that their all seasons work in the snow we get here, give yourself a kick in the buttocks.

B.C. STORM: Gridlock traffic, stuck vehicles wreak havoc across Lower Mainland

I cannot count the amount of cars I saw spinning out or spun out on my travels. Listen people, if you don’t have the correct tires on your car or the knowledge of how to drive in the snow, stay off the roads. Keep others safe by staying home.

Try to avoid hills and stay off your brakes when losing control. Don’t blame the roads for the fact that you just wiped out –and keep far away from the vehicle in front of you.

Michael Neubert, Surrey

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