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LETTER: School presentation was interesting and Surrey should continue to offer them



Re: Dad of 11-year-old questions why parents were not notified prior to school presentation, Feb. 6 (

I am a Grade 6 student at Crescent Park Elementary and I attended this presentation.

I noticed in this article it says the presentation included “sexual content.”

I personally did not see anything sexual about the presentation; the only thing I can think of that could possibly be interpreted that way is one of the presenters mentioned she had a girlfriend and the other presenter mentioned taking hormones.

They were just telling us about their personal experience as people in the LGBTQ+ community and not pressuring or suggesting we do any of the same things.

We learn a lot about acceptance from these kinds of presentations.

For example, the difference between a transgender/non-binary person and a “woman who had a beard and a voice like a man.”

I hope Surrey schools continue to have all kinds of presentations so we can learn about all kinds of different people.

Danica Kohler, White Rock