George Galicz with Igor the eagle at Surrey Zoo in November 1969. (Photo: Surrey Archives)

George Galicz with Igor the eagle at Surrey Zoo in November 1969. (Photo: Surrey Archives)

LETTER: Surrey Zoo owner was one of a kind

Readers remember George Galicz’s work with animals

The Editor,

Re: “SURREY NOW & THEN: Animals aplenty at family’s zoo in Newton,” the Now-Leader, Jan. 7.

I wish to acknowledge the work and support Lorna Wallace’s father, George Galicz, gave to the many animals that he helped to survive in a society which was not prepared to deal with exotic pets.

My brother and I were employed by a pet store in the newly opened Guildford Mall, at a time when exotic pets were imported at an alarming rate and sold to people unprepared to maintain their health and stability.

When situations arose that required immediate attention, we always sent everyone to George, who whether prepared or not, would do what was best for the animal’s interest and health.

One animal we sent, was a pig-tailed Macaque named Wilma. She was an escape artist who had escaped many times and we could no longer give her the freedom and care she needed. George took her in and without hesitation, gave her a safe, happy place to stay.

Although we do not know what eventually became of Wilma, we have always felt that George would have done what was best for the animal, and should be commended for the work and compassion he showed in the way he handled the well-being of all animals in his control.

I hope George’s legacy will be cherished for many years to come. His daughter Lorna should be very proud of the memories and contributions he made towards the care and wellbeing of all animals.

Eric and Arnie Talson, Surrey

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