Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. (Screenshot from Sebastian Sajda YouTube video)

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. (Screenshot from Sebastian Sajda YouTube video)


LETTER: Surrey’s mayor has let his fellow seniors down with ridiculous tax hikes

We were once happy we had a fellow senior in mayor’s chair but 2021 property tax notice changed that

The Editor,

When we were attending Surrey Senior’s Forum before the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Doug McCallum said in his speech, “I am a senior too.”

We were happy that we had a senior mayor who would consider seniors in his decisions. But the 2021 property tax notice disappoints us very much. Instead of offsetting the impacts of COVID-19, the tax increase rate has reached its highest point.

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Our tax increase rate is 17.48 per cent higher than last year. This is ridiculous, unreasonable and absolutely unacceptable.

However, in his letter to taxpayers, McCallum is still insisting that “for the third year in a row, council has held the line on property tax increase to 2.9 per cent.”

We retirees want to tell our mayor he does not have the right to increase property tax like this. We strongly request the city to renew the tax notice and to reduce the tax increase rate.

Ben Liu, Surrey

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