LETTER: To pray is human

The Editor, Re: "Please keep your religion out of my politics," the Now, Dec. 11.

We elected human beings, not robots. We shouldn’t be asking anyone to separate themselves from their faith. I see this as simply being human.

To ask for guidance – in this case through Christian prayer – is a good thing. Sorry you had to be respectful for 30 to 60 seconds while people were expressing their faith.

You probably won’t hear another prayer for the next four years, so don’t worry. But if some tragedies were to strike the city and the mayor or councillors offer prayers or comfort citizens by telling them to lean on God, they are doing nothing wrong.

There is no separation between religion and society, or someone’s personal faith and themselves. We have a constitution, both written and unwritten, and it’s being followed. We haven’t given up democratic elections and assigned legislative power over to the Pope or leaders of any church, so please stop promoting division.

D. MacMillan