LETTERS: For safety’s sake, wear white at night

Dark, wet days and evenings mean it’s tougher for drivers to see pedestrians


It likely comes as no surprise, but the fall and winter months are a dangerous time for pedestrians.

According to ICBC, more than half of all pedestrian fatalities in British Columbia occur between October and January as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease.

That’s roughly 55 per cent of the average 52 pedestrians who are killed by motor vehicles per year, while the number is even higher for pedestrian injuries, as 65 per cent occur from October to January.

Every year I try to get everyone I know to “wear white at night.” It’s one of the sayings that we learned years ago, yet it seems people forget this simple safety recommendation.

Please encourage your readers to “wear white at night” because it’s better to be safe than sorry and if you’re wearing a white jacket, coat or even using a flashlight, it makes it so much easier for drivers to see you in the rain, fog and evening light. Let’s have a safe fall and winter this year.

Lynda Moller, White Rock

Letter to the Editor