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LETTERS: Mixing waste undoes residents’ recycling efforts



I am a building manager in White Rock and we are currently experiencing challenges with our disposal company regarding their practice of mixing our waste with recycling, despite my numerous attempts to have it cease.

Our tenants observe all of this and ask, “Why do we sort if they mix it all together anyways?”

This has been going on since July 2022; their reasoning was to “catch up” for a few months, due to a recent amalgamation.

I did not agree then, as I do not now; I conveyed to them on many occasions that we are unwilling co-conspirators and request that they terminate our contract, due to this breach.

They said we are bound until September 2023, even though the services we signed up for are not being fulfilled properly.

I have tried to resolve this with integrity; however, it is of utmost concern that certain practices not be tolerated, especially when it involves being good stewards of the environment.

Scott Nelson, White Rock