MINTY: ‘Noises Off!’ entertains at White Rock theatre

MINTY: 'Noises Off!' entertains at White Rock theatre

We are so blessed in this country to have so many choices open to us: a livable city and climate, generally good education, health care and governments elected by us. Not that everything is perfect. But we are darn lucky to live right here and can celebrate Thanksgiving with true thanks. As for the not-perfect part – well, we can all participate in something, somewhere that will put an extra shine in our lives and maybe just make a bit of a positive difference in our community.

I looked forward to White Rock Players’ first production of the season, Noises Off! It is one of my favourite "silly" plays, and anyone who has ever been part of live theatre will appreciate this delightful script by Michael Frayn. Director Ryan Mooney,

with help from a very talented cast and dedicated crew, has delivered a wonderful show that did not leave anyone disappointed on opening night Friday (Oct. 10).

I would gladly see the show again. It’s funny, entertaining and gives a comic glimpse of glitches that can arise backstage. But the play goes on – just like in real life. Very clever sets by Tim Driscoll and crew get a round of applause (literally) when the curtain opens. It just gets better from there on. Thank you to all the people involved who worked on this show with love and pride. It shows.

Noises Off! runs at Coast Capital Playhouse in White Rock until Oct. 23. You can purchase tickets online at It is quite affordable and really, actually buying a ticket is your way of saying thanks to White Rock Players for providing us with quality live theatre for 70 years.

One thing in my life I am truly thankful for is learning how to tap dance. Oh sure,

you’ve heard this from me before – but I really do mean it. Beginning to tap dance at a mature age is a bonus. I can do something. Not brilliantly, and usually not even correctly. Doesn’t matter. I am part of the tap community. Somehow that qualified me for becoming an elected board member of West Coast Tap Dance Collective. The collective is an umbrella organization that promotes the art of tap dancing. OK, so the governments of our day do not yet recognize tap dancing as an art form. The collective is working on that. You know, changing those things that aren’t perfect yet.

One of the most enjoyable events hosted by the collective is a tap jam. Originally held every month at the Hot Jazz Club in Vancouver, these tap jams allowed all levels of tap dancers to come together, mix and mingle, learn new steps, share performances and jam to live music. When it was no longer possible to host monthly jams, the collective tried some other venues and eventually held regular tap jams at the Kerrisdale Legion. Good floor, potables available and free parking. Hosting monthly tap jams became difficult for a few people to organize, and the legion is an adultsonly venue. But there are still tap jams, and if you are an adult tap dancer – at any level – get a group together to get yourself off to West Coast Tap Dance Collective’s

Hallowe’en Tap Jam, 7 p.m. Oct. 26 at the Kerrisdale Legion (2177 West 42nd Ave., Vancouver). Live music, performances, improv and new steps taught by Troy McLaughlin are are just some of the treats you will find at this themed tap jam. Fee for members is $5, non-members $10. Come in costume to be eligible for prizes! Please note, this is an adult-only event due to restrictions at the venue. Trust me, it is tons of fun, so give it a try. Connect with the tap dance community. Bring your shoes, come in costume. Why not?

I know sometimes we are hesitant to try something new because we just don’t quite feel we have an adequate background or training in a certain area. Well, we can be thankful, once again, that there are many totally talented people living among us that are willing to share what they have learned.

Discover your theatrical voice with a voice workshop instructed by Doug Newell. The only way to discover your voice is to participate. Don’t get too comfortable. Reach out and remove barriers. You’d be surprised at what can happen. The workshop is in Langley on Saturday, Nov. 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., lunch provided. Register now with Karen at We all have a voice, and I don’t mean just the one we use for talking to each other or singing out. Our voice, our point of view, our vote. I am really thankful for that – most of the time.