No sense of responsibility

Surprise, surprise: There was a post Stanley Cup riot in the streets of Vancouver – ostensibly because the Canucks lost.

The apparent sociopaths that wreaked such havoc and mayhem in the streets did so, I believe, because of a surfeit of freedom without a sense of  responsibility. If parents, for whatever reasons, abrogate the task of instilling responsibility in their children, then it becomes the task of society at a later stage to instill it through legal channels.

Unfortunately we live in a society where we don’t adequately punish miscreants, which, at that stage of their lives, is the only way they can understand a sense of responsibility.

I wait with baited breath to see what will be done with those borderline psychopaths when, or if, they are finally brought to justice. Will it be house arrest or community service – or something more appropriate to the crime?

Jon Christensen, Surrey

Surrey North Delta Leader