Surrey farmland (File photo)

Surrey farmland (File photo)

OUR VIEW: Hey Surrey, don’t squash the squashes

Clearly more respect for other peoples’ property and livelihood is in order here

In case you haven’t noticed, all kinds of people have discovered the Great Outdoors since the pandemic hit.

It’s getting harder to find a path you can enjoy all to yourself.

Of course, where you have people, you have problems. While council was dealing with a corporate report on renewing the government shared-cost transfer arrangement for the Colebrook Dyking District on Monday night, it was revealed that some of our citizenry have been less than thoughtful when it comes to respecting Surrey’s farmland and dykes.

This, Councillor Jack Hundial noted, is actually private property and as much as the City of Surrey is encouraging residents to go outside for a breath of fresh air, farmers have raised concern that people have been straying off into their fields.

So what Hundial suggests is that the city embark on an educational “process” to remind folks not to squash the squashes, so to speak.

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He’d like to see improved signage to create public awareness that the dykes are farmer-owned and, while some people like nothing better than to let Rover loose for a good run, chasing butterflies or whatever, the property owner might well think otherwise.

Linda Annis wants to see a social media campaign set up to inform people that it’s “just not on” for them to go traipsing across the food supply.

“It’s really important we get ahead of this,” she says.

Clearly more respect for other peoples’ property and livelihood is in order here.


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