Parking lot is useless

Surrey – The Editor, In South Surrey, at the corner of 16th Avenue and 156th Street. there are two parking lots for Peace Arch Hospital. One has been there for many years and provides income for health care, I presume.

The second lot has been there for around four years and was built at a cost of somewhere close to $1.5 million. This amount would include the cost of the land purchase and the construction of the lot which would hold probably 200 to 250 cars. The cost estimate is my own estimate and I think the actual cost was probably a good deal more.

The point here is that in the years since this lot was built using taxpayer money through taxes or fundraising funds, I presume: Nobody uses it. Nobody parks in it. It provides zero income for the hospital. I can’t get into the hospital for surgery without waiting forever and I am forced to pay a private clinic in order to maintain my health due to government underfunding, yet the hospital has seen fit to spend huge amounts of money on an unused and, seemingly useless, parking lot.

I wonder which intelligent bureaucrat was responsible for leading the decision about this.

Roger Currie