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Race for premier is over

Former finance minister and former deputy premier and talk-show host Christy Clark has thrown her hat in the ring, in order to replace Gordon Campbell as premier of B.C. She leads all contenders by 11 per cent.

My neck may be stuck out a mile, but I believe the race for B.C. premier is over. She has everything the voters are looking for, such as being an outsider and not responsible for the HST.

She would cancel the HST referendum, and put it to a vote in the legislature. The question will be the same as on the September 2011 referendum.

Being a former open-line talk-show host, she is familiar with all the political issues, and is ready to debate. Don’t let that sunshine smile and personality fool you. She is as feisty as a pit bull, and will destroy any leader of any opposition, except one.

The one the NDP has already destroyed.

Fred Perry

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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