A letter writer is grateful the RCMp serves Surrey

A letter writer is grateful the RCMp serves Surrey

RCMP a community police force

A check on a 70-year-old sibling restores faith in the force.

There was much discussion recently on municipal police versus the RCMP. I would like to say thanks to the RCMP for being a community police force.

On Feb. 10 I called my 70-year-old brother, as I had done daily for the past two years, to see how he was doing. He has COPD and is on oxygen. I did not get an answer, nor his answering machine.

I phoned two more times, allowing for 10 rings on his phone and still no answer. I had no vehicle and therefore wondered how I could check on his status. I then decided to phone the RCMP, which took my report. I asked that if they were in the area, could they check on my brother?

Fifteen minutes later I received a call from a Const. Briggs who reported they were at my brother’s home and he is doing fine. It happened the phone lines in the area had been down for quite some time.

So my thanks go out to the RCMP and this constable, who as far as I am concerned, demonstrated that they are a community force.

John Lloyd, Surrey


Surrey North Delta Leader