Roses Androtten Tomatoes

Bouquets of roses to the tall young man at the Superstore parking lot in Newton on Jan. 23 for chasing away the guy who was bothering customers for money. You chased him right out of the parking lot. Thank you, young man.

A beautiful bouquet of roses for every room in her home to Elizabeth Duerr, lawyer, for Duerr Law Corp., for so generously and kindly waiving her fee, thereby enabling a low-income senior to be able to afford much-needed false teeth. Bless you and thank you, Elizabeth.

A pail full of rotten tomatoes to the man on the 96 B-line at Surrey Central who threw his garbage in my face while gesturing and mumbling racial slurs when I got on the bus.

Large bunch of fresh roses to the new grocery store "Fresh St. Farms" that has opened up in Fleetwood. Such a great place to shop – fresh meats, fish, deli and bakery along with great coffee (and the beans are roasted on site). Keep up the great customer service that is given every day by all of your staff.

Bouquets of roses to the staff of Peace Portal Lodge in South Surrey. Our thanks to the many people there who donated time and effort to make our mother’s 100th birthday one of her best. We could not have had such a wonderful and memorable event without you. Many thanks from our family.

A bundle of roses to the young couple (his name sounded like Keesh) who, at about 2:30 a.m. on New Year’s Eve went out of their way to drive two strangers to their homes from Peace Arch Hospital when they couldn’t get a taxi. They refused to accept payment but I would like them to know how very grateful I was for their act of kindness. Much happiness to you this year.

A dozen fresh roses to the police officers at the Newton bus loop who were recently handing out $75 tickets to all the smokers who make it hard to breathe in a public space.

A bucket of rotten tomatoes to the conscienceless smokers who walk through the Newton bus loop blowing smoke over everyone waiting for the bus in a no-smoking zone.

Half a rotten tomato and half a rose to the reader who was griping about illegal suites. Because of these suites, I know a person who is no longer homeless and an addict! They have a safe home, getting into school for a career, don’t commit illegal acts nor bring undesirables home. They’re becoming a fully functioning legal member of society – one less person the police have to worry about. But on the flip side, I agree because there are the ignorant jerk slumlords who go make 10 to 15 suites in a house. Its a tough topic.

Rotten tomatoes to the jerk driving the black Volkswagen who made a U-turn on Best to threaten me after I called out your bad driving. I have you on this nifty little video camera rolling through the stop sign, cutting off the driver on Best who had the clear right-of-way, all while holding your phone to your ear! And I’d bet next month’s paycheque (which is probably more than what you made last year) you’d been drinking, too. Be a real man and obey the laws. RCMP and ICBC will love the video – something tells me it’s not your first infraction.

A big bus load of rotten tomatoes to TransLink for cancelling Sunday family travel. As a family with four children on a budget, this really impacts our time out with our children. For me it’s worth the $91 a month to go out with them every weekend – but now, I might just walk.

Many rockin’ roses to Aerosmith frontman and former American Idol judge Steven Tyler for attempting to pull off the "Johnny Depp look" at the Grammys on Sunday night.