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Roses & Rotten Tomatoes: Please stop exponential growth in Surrey!

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers
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• A whole truckload of rotten tomatoes to whoever is responsible for exponential growth of population in Surrey and the lack of infrastructure to support this. It easily takes 40 minutes to get to places whereas it used to take five to 10. Including the fact that everywhere we turn, there’s always some type of construction going on. Our schools are bursting at the seams, and I personally experienced a 16-hour wait at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Something needs to change.

• A big, annoying bag full of rotten tomatoes go out to the stupid old guy in the red SUV who had the nerve to honk at me and mouth me off while I was crossing the street with my bike when I had my right of way. You do not own the crosswalk!

• Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey programmer, as 72-hours registration time does not work for a lot of us. This can have one leaving a class waiting at the desk to register or pulling out one’s cell phone to register. This is very distributive to the instructor and others in the class. Would you please rethink this, as it does not work for many of us that attend a lot of classes?

• You know what bugs me? People backing into parking spots all the time. It can create confusion in the parking lot, not knowing what the person is doing when they flip their signal on. OK, I get that backup cameras are a common thing now, and that makes it easier for backing into a parking spot. Great. But seriously, drive forward into a spot when you can, people — especially when you’re loading groceries or whatever. It’s easier for everyone that way. I’m curious to know if other drivers are bothered by this, too.

• I read the story about the proposal to build another tower at Surrey Memorial Hospital. It’s welcome news but now a little too late, without the actual cost of what it’s going to cost Surrey taxpayers. Our health care is in serious crisis. Patients are waiting up to almost four years for surgery on knee and hip replacements. The hospital’s maternity ward is a sad joke. Build the tower at what cost?

• Regarding the ongoing protests at Surrey City Council, it looks like they have nothing to do with the conflict in the Middle East. That the protesters are even allowed to get away with their disruption of democracy is beyond common sense. The protesters wear masks to hide their faces. Why? Are we all to stop getting on with our civic business just because a certain segment thinks they can get away with it? Immigrants should not bring their centuries-old grievances to Canada, but that is another taboo topic in today’s woke environment.