SIMPSON: I’ve lost patience for hypocritical mourners and entitled dog owners

Two days laid out on couch with flu does two things. It makes you surly – and it gives you lots of time to think and form opinions.

Beau Simpson is editor of the Now. He can be reached at

Two days laid out on the couch with a cold and flu does two things. It makes you surly – and it gives you lots of time to think and form opinions.

But how much sense those opinions might make depends on how wonky your cold and flu medication has made your brain.

For example, you know my medication is quite strong because I just wrote the word ‘wonky.’

Let’s get started, shall we?


In the days following the tragic Orlando massacre, it struck me how phoney and hypocritical a society we have truly become, on a number of levels.

Of course, the first thing that people do is use social media to express their feelings, however real they may be.

What struck me was the number of politicians in the U.S. whose “thoughts and prayers” (enough of this meaningless expression already please and thank you) are with the victims and their families.

Trouble is, those same politicians consistently vote against any meaningful reform when it comes to gun restrictions in the U.S.

Even worse were the expressions of sorrow and solidarity from “God-fearing” people who say they are “praying for the victims and their families” while also believing to their core that homosexuality is an abomination to God and that people who live such a lifestyle will be forever tormented in hellfire.

The whole thing reeks of hypocrisy.


I know how passionate readers of the Now are about their dogs.

Boy, do I know it. (To this day, the words “dog column” send a shiver up my spine. Don’t ask.)

Pit bulls, in particular, are always a hot topic for vigorous debate, especially after a story comes to light about a violent attack, whether it be on another dog or a person or child.

Last Friday, we first posted a story online reporting that four women were rushed to hospital after they tried to break up a fight involving three pit bulls in Surrey.

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Within hours, we were flooded with comments on our website and our Facebook page, ranging from “pit bulls should be banned” to “pit bulls are some of the most gentle dog breeds alive.”

Seriously, that was a comment.

No, seriously.

I wouldn’t allow my children to be around a pit bull in a million years. Not even for a second.

In my 17 years in journalism, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about a pit bull who was a loving family pet for years until one day it crushes a kid’s skull.

I’ve seen it happen even in my own family.

Sure, your pit bull may lick your child’s face 7,892 times but it’s the 7,893rd time that you can’t predict.

To me, having a pit bull around kids is like playing Russian roulette.

The risk – which is always present with a pit bull, regardless of the stats you trot out – is not worth the reward. Not even close.


One last thing about dogs. What is it about dog owners that makes them feel so entitled?

When there are signs all over a park – specifically Hillcrest baseball diamond in Cloverdale – that state “No Dogs Allowed,” what makes dog owners think that not only are their dogs exempt from the rules but their dogs are allowed to run around catching balls and Frisbees as if it’s an off-leash park?

Dog crap everywhere. You know how gross it is to scrape that off your cleats? Oh yeah, that’s right.

You don’t care.

Beau Simpson is editor of the Now. He can be reached by email at


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