The prejudiced fail to accept basic facts

In Canada, there are people of various religions, national backgrounds, looks and languages.

It was very disheartening and sad to read about the racial prejudice controversy created by a local radio station.

The Sikh community was going through a very sad period because of the innocent killings in a Wisconsin gurdwara.

Rather than being sympathetic to the Sikh community, CKNW’s Philip Till show created racial controversy by giving air time to a racially prejudiced person, who made negative comments about Sikh identity, wearing turbans, long hair and beards, etc.

Canada is a multicultural, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-ethnic country.

When we walk out in the streets we meet people from various national backgrounds, following various religions, looking different from each other and speaking different languages.

But one thing we all have learned is to love, respect and understand each other.

It is only that some of the racially prejudiced persons have failed to accept these facts.

Another thing racially prejudiced persons often suggest is that people of other nationalities, religious or linguistic background should change and become Canadians.

I don’t know what the radio caller’s national background is, But my question is, has he or his ancestors ever tried to change and follow the Canadian culture and traditions or are they continuing to follow their own customs and culture in this country?

And I am talking about the Canadian customs and culture that was being followed in Canada by the very original native Canadians even before the British, French, etc. came into this country.

If the caller or his ancestors haven’t changed and adopted Canadian culture and customs, then how can they suggest to other Canadians to change their culture, religion, customs and language?

One thing we all should understand and accept is in Canada there are people of various religions, national backgrounds, looks and languages.

But we all should learn to love, respect, understand and be friendly with each other.

We may look different, speak different languages but we are all proud Canadians.


Kanwaljit Singh Gill


Surrey North Delta Leader