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Septifix Reviews - Do Septic Tank Treatment Tablets Actually Work?

The septic system is complex and requires professionals to maintain it. It holds the entire liquid waste from the kitchen and bathroom. It is a perfect breeding ground for pathogens and foul odor without proper maintenance.

The septic system is complex and requires professionals to maintain it. It holds the entire liquid waste from the kitchen and bathroom. It is a perfect breeding ground for pathogens and foul odor without proper maintenance.

Most individuals have a busy schedule and thus cannot take care of the septic. Experts recommend inspecting and pumping the septic system regularly.

Proper waste disposal is recommended to prevent the sewerage system from clogging. Plumbers warn against flushing non-biodegradable waste like plastics and used sanitary towels, which can block the septic tank.

A malfunctioning septic system can be hectic. Pooling water, odor, and water backup are common signs of a damaged sewerage system. Leakages can corrode the pipes and pose a health risk. Similarly, plumbing issues are costly, and the stench can inhibit you from enjoying your home.

Septifix is a revolutionary septic tank system that can supposedly remove odors and maintain the entire system in good condition. How does it work? Is it effective? Continue reading to find out more about Septifix tablets.

About the Product – What is Septifix?

Septifix is a tablet that can keep the septic tank clean and maintain it in top-notch condition. It is easy to use and may save users from increasing plumbing costs. Per the official website, Septifix provides users with quality results in 3-5 days.

US-based plumber Richard V is the creator of the Septifix tablets. He purportedly owns a flourishing plumbing business with over 2000 employees.

Richard claims that he was motivated to create Septifix after discovering that most Americans spend a lot on plumbing. The product is designed to maintain the cleanliness of the sewerage system and battle odors.

Septifix is science-based, and a team of 14 experts teamed up for three years to formulate it. It is eco-friendly and requires zero hassle to use. Each Septifix box has half a dozen tablets, which work by neutralizing the septic tank contents and fighting the bacteria that cause foul odors.

Customers can purchase Septifix tablets only via the official website. The product can supposedly save users hundreds of dollars on septic system maintenance. It is effective in treating small-scale and large-scale septic tanks.

How do Septifix Tablets Work?

Per the creator, Septifix works by introducing certain beneficial bacteria that improve the septic tank’s health. Each tablet is approximately 55g and has over 14 bacterial strains. Thus, each tablet has billions of strains. Septifix can supposedly maintain the hygiene of the sewage system and prevent stench accumulation.

Release Oxygen – Septifix maker recommends dropping the tablets into the toilet and flushing it down the drain. The tablet slowly dissolves, releasing oxygen and sodium bicarbonate. Septifix team claim that after each tablet dissolves, it can release up to ten liters of oxygen.

Balance pH – Septifix allows equal oxygen gas distribution into the septic system. The sodium bicarbonate compound is a barrier that aids in neutralizing the tank’s pH. Imbalanced pH supports the growth of unhealthy bacteria colonies that produce foul odors.

Eliminates Stench – Septifix facilitates a series of biochemical reactions that act on the waste in the septic tank. Per the makers, using oxygen plus stable pH reduces horrid stench. However, the entire process may take 3-5 days, depending on the septic tank size.

Clean Tank – Septifix supposedly cleans the septic tank using oxygen. The gas prevents anaerobic reactions hence inhibiting the unhealthy bacteria from thriving. Furthermore, it can eliminate other pathogens that may pose a severe health risk to the family.

How to Use Septifix Tablets

Every adult can use the Septifix tablets. Thus, there is no need to hire experts and plumbers to plant the tablets in the sewerage system. Each box comes with an instructional guide to help users estimate how many tablets can improve the health of their septic tank. The creator recommends dropping the tablets in the toilet bowl and flushing them. The tablet slowly dissolves as it makes its way into the septic tank.

The Septifix tablets form oxygen droplets and sodium bicarbonate in the septic tank. According to the creator, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the pH in the sewerage system hence preventing anaerobic reactions. Additionally, optimal pH protects the pipes and valves, among other plumbing materials, from corrosion.

The oxygen droplets act on the contents in the septic tank, such as grease, oil, and toilet paper. The live bacterial strains from Septifix tablets eliminate the need to pump the septic tank regularly. Additionally, it removes the stench in the sewage system, thus giving the users peace of mind. Also, the Septifix mat unclogs some of the blockages in the sewerage structure.

Features and Benefits of the Septifix Tablets

Support the Growth of Healthy Bacteria

Septifix tablets support the growth of live and beneficial bacteria. It creates the perfect pH and nutrients to encourage bacterial growth. Richard explains that the beneficial bacteria feed on the waste products in the septic tank hence reducing clogging.

Combat Odor

Septifix tablets encourage the release of oxygen molecules which chemically react with hydrogen sulfide to eliminate the putrid stench. Per the maker, the tablet eliminates foul odor in under five days.

Cleaning the Septic Tank

Septifix tablets are designed to stimulate the decomposition of the waste in the septic tank. Regular use of tablets supports efficient cleaning of the sewage system.

Reduce Corrosion

Septifix balances the septic tank’s pH, preventing acid corrosion on the pipes and valves.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Richard V designed the Septifix tablets to save users from incurring high plumbing costs.


Septifix tablets are made from natural ingredients that are unlikely to cause harm to the environment. Additionally, it does not form harmful gasses.


The Septifix tablets do not require any special instructions. Any adult can install the product without any hassles.


Customers purchasing the Septifix tablets can only do so via the official website. The product uses a revolutionary oxygen-releasing technology to clean and maintain the septic tank. A 60-day money-back guarantee protects each Septifix box.

Final Thoughts

The sewerage system is complex and requires proper maintenance. Septifix is a septic tank treatment that can keep it clean and odor-free. It is user-friendly and eco-friendly. Per the creator, Septifix works by neutralizing the pH and preventing the growth of unhealthy bacteria. It can eliminate awful stench in under five days. Similarly, Septifix promises to save the user hundreds of bucks on plumbing.